About us

The Crowned Brand focuses on selling premium and exclusive headwear.  Our top model hats are constructed with a genuine python snakeskin brim and a signature red underbrim.  We also produce an all leather hat also with our signature red underbrim and adorned with the Crowned Brand logo.  All our hats also come with a matching snakeskin or leather strapback and an gold buckle embossed with our logo. 

The name of the company, Crowned Brand, came from our experience with our customers.  Consistently, our customers are excited; filled with anticipation on receiving their custom creation adorned with snakeskin.  There is an unparalleled excitement and satisfaction from our customers when they receive their exclusive hats.  So much so, that it was analogous to a coronation...hence Crowned! 

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our ability to go above and beyond for our customer.  We provide them an opportunity to create a logo or put their own logo on a hat and customize it with a snakeskin brim and strapback!